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What is Street Food?

What is Street Food? – Street Food Kitchen

If you like your food you’ll already know how it feels to stand among the smokes and aromas, beer in one hand, burger in the other, chatting to your friends over the buzz of the crowds around you.

Street food started in Asia, is massive in America, and now Europe’s getting a taste of the action too. In particular, the UK.

Right now, street food is eaten at markets, at special events, in disused warehouses, at food festivals and on the high street. There are dedicated street food events popping up all over the country, and on any given weekend, there’s a high chance you’ll find a street food trader serving up some high quality, delicious dishes somewhere near you.

UK Street food: where's it come from?

Years ago, street food was very common in Europe, but when restaurants and fast food outlets swept us all off our feet, buying food on the street became less fashionable.

The UK’s traditional market scene took a bit of a nose dive at the end of the nineties. The supermarkets undermined their value for food sales. It was a difficult time for independent traders and small businesses. 

Change or close

In the early noughties markets devolved into stalls that mainly sold low quality imported products and only seemed to attract an ever-aging demographic. There was a problem there. And the solution? Change or close.

Stall owners went back to their roots and recreated farmers’ markets. They were some of the only places that quality products could be bought directly from the producer. Prices were higher but so was product trace ability and confidence in ethics. .

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